Mario Rojas, Regional Director for Latin America


Mario Rojas is the regional director of Latin America at Human Life International. He currently resides in Bolivia. After graduating as an engineer from Manhattan College in New York, and then working for many years as an executive in the aerospace and petroleum industries, and in international trade and development, his life suddenly changed in 1998 when he re-encountered his Catholic faith.

In 2000, with the help of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization (ANE) in Cochabamba, he co-founded the pro-life organization ANE Provida Bolivia for the defense of life and family values. As Executive Director of ANE Provida, he developed a working relationship with HLI’s Magaly Llaguno, and in 2002 Mario’s organization was officially welcomed as an affiliate of HLI. With ANE Provida, Mario helped organize international and national pro-life and pro-family events in Cochabamba; he also began traveling to and speaking at international pro-life conferences.

In 2007, Mario came to Washington, DC to work with pro-life leader Marie Smith for the purpose of extending the outreach of the organization, Parliamentary Network of Critical Issues (PNCI), in Latin America. As Latin American Manager of PNCI, Mario facilitated the opening and consolidation of parliamentary fronts in many countries.

Mario was an excellent candidate to oversee HLI’s increasing outreach in Latin America, and since September 2009 he has visited over 33 countries of the region and travelled more than 223,000 miles by air. He has spoken to more than 4,700 seminarians of 93 seminaries, over 800 priests, 135 bishops, 6 cardinals, over 800 nuns, 19,000 students of high school and universities, and over 18,000 persons from pastoral groups and members of evangelical churches. Mario had done hundreds of interviews via radio, TV, and newspapers. He focuses on strengthening and assisting HLI affiliates, participating in fundraising efforts, providing EWTN radio and TV interviews, and speaking at pro-life events. In coordination with REDESSVIDA, HLI’s Latin American Priests and Seminarians for Life Network, he is working to bring the message of life to this predominantly Catholic region.

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